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Spring Break Camps

GRADES 1 - 12

Week 1 March18 - 21(Mon-Thurs)

Art Day Camp  Recommended for grades 1-7

March 18 - 21 (Mon-Thurs) 9am to 2pm

Join us for a comprehensive four-day experience at the Spring Break Creative Arts Camp. Specifically curated for young artists with a keen interest in paper crafting, drawing, and painting, this camp offers participants the opportunity to explore these creative realms. Over the course of four days, attendees will have the chance to refine their skills, learn new techniques, and bring their artistic visions to life.

*Student's will need to bring their own lunch. Please notify us before the camp if the student has any allergies. 

$400 $360 when you register before February 7th.

Week 2 March 25 - 28 (Mon-Thurs)

Create with 3D Pens  Recommended for grades 4-7

March 25 - 28 (Mon-Thurs) 10am to 12pm

This introduction to 3D Pen class will allow Students to design their own sculpture, figure or product and prototype it using 3D Pens. 

$240 $216 when you register before February 7th.

Young Moviemakers Recommended for Ages 8-14

March 25 - 28 (Mon-Thurs) 9am to 2pm

Moviemakers is an award-winning acting and video production. Students will learn the importance of visual storytelling, scriptwriting, acting, editing and more through the creation of a short film.


Click on the logo below to register on the Moviemaker's website! or


Junior Art Class and Portfolio Classes will also resume during the Spring Break.

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